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"I want to tell you that it is primarily for me an extraordinary event. I realized it totally when I saw the wall of this church which was well known for me from the first years of my priesthood ... (...) I am very involved in this church with the walls of wood which has survived 300 years. I remembered his interior which was well transparent, so spacious in which Jesus Christ lived there for so many generations with his people of God ... "

Part of the sermon preached by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyla during the consecration of the church. Mętków 1st May 1974

Our church

Is entered into the Registry of the Office for the Protection of Monuments of the Province of Małopolska

Here's "A Brief History of the church in Mętków" which is written on the table in the porch: "Built of larch tree in the eighteenth century for the parish Niegowić near Bochnia. Transferred to Mętków in 1973. Log construction, typical for the style of Podkarpacie. Length of the church 34 m, width 15 m, height of 8 m, it has a large vestry and three vestibules. The interior of the church is decorated with three baroque altars of the Cracow school: the main altar of Our Lady of Czestochowa, the right side altar of the Sacred Heart with the historic statue of Our Lady of Sorrows and left side altar of Saint Anna with Mary and Jesus - Renaissance painting painted in tempera on wood. The rainbow with an image of the Crucified Jesus connects the sanctuary with the central nave. The pulpit and baptismal font date from the Baroque. The historic stations of the Cross and paintings adorning the walls of the chancel and side aisles are especially noteworthy. The polychrome of the church is made in 1978 by the artist Zygmunt Wigliusz from Cracow. Next to the church the bell tower was built with the chapel of St. Joseph like the old bell tower in Niegowić. The carpentry work was made by the highlanders from Spisz. The consecration of a church in Mętków was made on 1st May 1974 by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, Archbishop of Cracow who in the same church in Niegowić was vicar in 1948-1949. Transfer of the church, its renewal and arrangement is a work of piety and generosity of inhabitants from Mętków ".

The church is part of the Wooden Architecture Route showing the architectural diversity of wooden buildings in the Małopolska province.


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