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"I want to tell you that it is primarily for me an extraordinary event. I realized it totally when I saw the wall of this church which was well known for me from the first years of my priesthood ... (...) I am very involved in this church with the walls of wood which has survived 300 years. I remembered his interior which was well transparent, so spacious in which Jesus Christ lived there for so many generations with his people of God ... "

Part of the sermon preached by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyla during the consecration of the church. Mętków 1st May 1974

Our Lady of Częstochowa

The painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa is on Jasna Góra which is the spiritual capital of The Republic of Poland. According to tradition, the painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa [Polish Queen] was painted by St. Luke on the table board where the Holy Family ate meals and prayed. Luke had to take two images of Mary one of which was to reach Italy and is still revered in Bolivia and the second one was brought by the Emperor Constantine, from Jerusalem to Constantinople and is deposited at the local temple. Six centuries later, serving in the imperial army, the Russian Prince Lev, enchanted by beauty of the picture, wanted to bring it to the Red Ruthenia. As a result of the strong insistence of the Prince, the emperor gave him this painting already famous for its miraculous image. In The Ruthenia, the painting was the first picture in the church and later when there were fightings with the Lithuanians and the Tartars in the chapel of the castle in Belżec, Władysław, Duke of Opole, built on the Jasna Góra the monastery for Paulins who were brought from Hungary in 1382 and gave them to the care the painting of the Mother of God venerated in his castle. Soon the painting was famous for miracles and numerous pilgrims began to arrive to Jasna Góra. In 1430, the painting was damaged and was put into maintenance. After his return from the 1434 Jasna Góra became the sanctuary for the Polish people, Silesians, Bohemians, Moravians and Hungarians. The veneration of Our Lady of Częstochowa has increased since the defense of the Swedes. In 1717 the painting was solemnly crowned and Jasna Góra became the main center of cult of the Mother of God in Poland. At the time of partition Jasna Gora united nation deprived of their own state. After World War II the monastery was consistently in opposition to the communist authorities. Each time, The Pope John Paul II, during his pilgrimage to his homeland, visited this place.


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