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"I want to tell you that it is primarily for me an extraordinary event. I realized it totally when I saw the wall of this church which was well known for me from the first years of my priesthood ... (...) I am very involved in this church with the walls of wood which has survived 300 years. I remembered his interior which was well transparent, so spacious in which Jesus Christ lived there for so many generations with his people of God ... "

Part of the sermon preached by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyla during the consecration of the church. Mętków 1st May 1974

History of our parish

    Mętków originally belonged to All Saints Parish in Babice.
    At the end of the nineteenth century the Holy Trinity Chapel was built in Large Mętków. It was built by a man named Ganobis coming from behind the Vistula who was nicknamed Frysztak and ran a shop in Mętków. The chapel was built of brick with dimensions of 5 meters long and 4 meters wide. In 1913, the chapel painting was funded for the amount of 144 crowns and 28 heller pieces by Dydak Główczyk. Initially, in the chapel the were only May services. Only in the 60s of the twentieth century every two weeks Sunday Masses were celebrated with the efforts of priest Jan Sikora, parson from Babice.
    Residents of Mętków really wanted to have their own church. But in times of communism gaining permission to build a new church was nearly impossible. One of the residents found the information in the Catholic press that the two wooden churches will be demolished, one of which was the temple from Niegowić. It was not easy but because both were already monuments, the authorities did not want to destroy them. After much effort, The permission to move the church from Niegowić to Mętków was successful. The church was moved in the years 1972-1974.
    1st April 1973, The bishop assigned the priest Franciszek Skupień to Mętków in order to organize the religious center.
    25th November 1973, in the temple the first Mass was celebrated and the consecration of the church was done on 1st May 1974 by the former vicar from Niegowić, by the Cardinal Karol Wojtyła. During the ceremony he recalled fondly the church of Niegowić: "Thank you for having me invited to the celebration. I would tell you that it is for me the most extraordinary event. I have realized it totally when I saw the wall of the church, well-known of the first years of my priesthood when I worked in it in1948 and 1949 as a vicar in the parish of Niegowić. I remembered his interior which was well transparent, so spacious in which Jesus Christ lived there for so many generations with his people of God. The church and the whole parish were the scene of many encounters with Christ. All this is in my memory for ever.
    I wish you, the ancient church, here in Mętków, I wish you a new service, new years and decades and new centuries. I wish you this persistence in Christ, this leading all people to Christ.
    It is well that you, wooden walls, the old church such yet sturdy, are strong that you can sustain a new community of God's people to a new place. That is our great joy.
    It is well that authorities understand the importance of this case - and that after many years, we received permission to move the church from Niegowić to Mętków.
    And you, an ancient holy temple, serve the people of God, as you have served the parish in Niegowić for so many centuries. Bring us the Lord Jesus, Our Lady of Jasna Góra, St. Joseph. May your path be equal and simple, always led to Christ, to Mary, to Joseph - to the temple, which is a great gift for you in the Holy Year, the Year of the Great Jubilee of Jesus Christ. "
    The priest Franciszek Skupień worked in Mętków until 1977. He was replaced by the priest Stanisław Konieczny. During his service on 3rd April 1982 by decree of His Eminence Cardinal Franciszek Macharski the pastoral center in Mętków received legal status as a Roman Catholic Parish Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Under that decree, the first parson of Mętków was the priest Stanisław Konieczny who on 23rd October was transferred as pastor of the parish in Świątniki Górne. Together with him, the resident priest Piotr Samolej left the parish.
   On 23rd October 1982, the priest Włodzimierz Kiwerski is appointed vicar in Mętków and on 15th January 1983 he was appointed as the parson and served until his retirement on 1st July 2009.
   The Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, Archbishop of Cracow, appointed a new parson the priest Marek Guśpiel.


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